28 September 2016:






9 September 2016:

End of an era.

On the way back, I was thinking about what and how to express my thoughts. I really wanted to do an ‘exposé’, where I let out my true feelings there and then. But then experience taught me that such things usually don’t end up well.

So this post shall be very castrated. All I will say is: good riddance. I sincerely hope for a less toxic and dysfunctional environment. I have three more months and I really hope that they can be the best time of the entire two years.


P.S.: If you’re laughing at someone, instead of with someone, and he / she doesn’t like it, it’s still called bullying.

4 September 2016:

Recommended watching for all.

The message behind this video is basically what I have been feeling for a long while now. But of course, I am too lazy to put it into words eloquently. So thank you PEWDIEPIE for this video. I'm not a subscriber of his but this was good.


Sidenote: When was the last time you embedded something into a webpage? I'm surprised I even remember what embedding is ...


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