4 January 2017:

Very overwhelmed watching videos of medical residents / students.

Today I again started to have self-doubts about whether or not I am able to get into med school (preferably, NUS), especially after two failed attempts (not even with an interview chance). So I went to watch videos of current medical residents / students explaining their work.

Very heartwarming, especially some of the things they say. Makes me all the more want to become a doctor. Funny thing is how last time it was just an easy remark, now it's potentially my career. And again, yes I do want to get in NUS med.

I'll be applying this year again (third try) and honestly I hope that they just give me the chance of an interview. Then we'll see from there. I know my results aren't fantastic (good but not good enough) and my extra-curricular isn't that buff either.

But I honestly believe I have the right heart and mindset. True I still have some weaknesses (who doesn't) but obviously I will work towards reducing them. All I need is the interview to at least try and prove to them.


First, do no harm.


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