13 March 2014:

You think being an actor very easy, is it?

Absolutely not. Anyone who thinks that drama is just about memorising lines, delivering them and looking glamorous is so very wrong. Drama is so much more, it is an experience which ideally fully immerses the actor.

Today was the first actual session of blocking for my parts in SYF. It was such a stressful process. H spelt out the various actions and movements that I would use for the scene. Being a slow learner, I made quite a few mistakes.

Worst of all, I wasn't fully relaxed and not fully prepared. Firstly, I was still rather stiff. Add that to my desire to get things right and my performance instead became even worse. H kept making me redo but I can't fault him, I really had a lot of things to improve on.

For example, my expressions are still as boring as ever. This was a point that H and the teachers have mentioned and I don't deny it. I have chronic bitchface, and this makes things worse since sometimes I look angry / bored / upset when I'm not.

Therefore, basically, my face just looks stiff and expressionless. Even though in my heart I'm trying to express joy and fun, those who watched say it just looks stiff. I just hope it's because I've not done facial warm-ups for a while now.

Secondly, today was still not really familiar with my lines. There were some slip-ups in the lines here and there, and this made the execution of actions worse. Thankfully today only required lines of the first scene, which I'm more or less familiar with.

However, since H says he aims to finish blocking by next Monday, I'll have to try to finish memorising the remaining lines. Honestly, I don't know if I'm able to do that. I mean, eventually I get it memorised but by Monday ...?

And because I have never really memorised anything before (not even bio), I don't really know how to start. Even for Twelfth Night, I didn't exactly memorise it. I just kept repeating it during rehearsals until it stuck.

But now I don't have that much time or rehearsals to slowly get my lines. We are running on a tight schedule and I really don't think I can afford to forget my lines that much. Therefore I have to do whatever it takes to remember my lines!

Besides the lines issue, I have not created a character yet. Essentially, that means I have not set out what exactly my character is about. This therefore results in a very bland deliver of lines since I'm not into character yet.



The weeks ahead are gonna be tough and rough. MCTs are coming up; after that it's crunch time for SYF. As a result, I'll probably not have the time to blog. My posts usually take 1 hour or more, so I certain won't have the luxury of time any more.


10 March 2014:


Regarding the flight, which has been missing for >60 hours now,

1. Chinese media Sohu quotes American media in saying that the missing plane may have been shot down by certain country's military.

2. I don't think it's the time for rumours. If it's true, publish all facts. No point releasing such sensational quotes. It simply toys unnecessarily with the emotions of those related to the victims.

3. In the comments section, some made remarks about how it was likely to be Vietnam, due to the existing territorial dispute.

4. In good faith, I honestly don't think they can be so despicable, and I hope never to be proven wrong. No matter what, I trust the Vietnamese government to be rational and life-loving enough not to do such things.

5. Again, such comments are unfounded, unnecessary and insensitive. Vietnam has sent planes and ships to help in the search and rescue effort. Yet here they are, being accused of possibly shooting the plane down, due to a quote from 'American media'.

6. All speculation should stop. Enough with the conspiracy theories, the what-ifs, the 'something's not right, I think ...' etc. Let the investigators do their job. Of course, first, the wreckage has to be found.

7. Even if this event, months or years later, is proven to be a terrorist attack, there is no reason to blame Muslims or all Muslims. Already, now when nothing has been proven, some brainless Americans are already drawing the links to 9/11.

8. "When tragedy strikes, we enter a crisis of faith. We either move towards God or away from God."


19 February 2014:


Two primary school kids board the bus
carrying bulging bags,
both with iPhone 5s.
They sit down.

An ahma boards the bus
carrying groceries in
both her wrinkled hands.
They weigh her down.

Ahma looks around the bus
finds the boys,
squeezes in the seat.

“Boy, told you don't walk so fast, ahma leg pain ...”

“Okay” says the fatter boy who
looks around his phone screen,
finds the boss,
kills him with a grenade.

“Boy, how your school?”

“Ahma shh, I playing game” says he and
asks the other for help
“eh how go next stage ah?”

Ahma shh-ed and
gripped the groceries tighter
for they couldn't communicate
as they were on different frequencies.

Inspired by true happenings.


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