5 March 2013:

How would you like it if I called you names?

To start of, today wasn't a good day. From the start, I was already very gloomy and moody. In the morning I came to school with a black face, which some of my classmates certainly saw. Thanks for showing concern being kaypoh about it.

With that grumpiness not yet subsiding, I met with a minor incident. That I shall not talk about because it was my fault too.

While I was having my free period, I heard someone say 'I found another gay'. Seconds later, someone I know approached me.

I know they were talking about me. I know that as usual, I am being laughed at, being judged. I don't understand why some cunts like to do such things. Judge people they don't know.

You may say I am not manly. Definitely. But is that a reason to laugh at others? This is a rotten societal misconception that says guys should be manly. Once some guy doesn't behave that way, he is judged and criticised or even laughed at.

In drama there are some guys who are like me. I guess we are more expressive. Yet no one laughs at us there. It's simply because, thankfully, people there are less judgemental and more accepting of the 'abnormal' types of people.

Whereas outside of that, there are absolute bigots and pricks who can't stop judging. They have a fixed view of how people should behave.

Gender and sexuality is a very complex and diverse issue. Certain effeminate guys turn out to be heterosexual and have loving wife and children. Certain manly guys are actually homosexual. Given the dynamism, why judge and laugh at people? It's simply uncalled for.

And by the way, so what if I behave like that? Does it cause distress? If not, why should you care! If there's nothing better to say just shut that buccal cavity of yours.



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