17 March 2013:

Here we go again.

The last time I blogged was 5 March, which is 12 days ago. At that time, I was feeling downcast. There were judgemental voices and opinions against me. Not to say there aren't anymore, but it certainly got lesser and I'm much better now.

Except that now the stress and workload is the problem. Firstly, I have seven free periods. Excluding Mondays and Wednesdays where most people go back late, these seven periods mean that I go back 1.5 hours later on average.

Actually regarding free periods, there are two sides to it. Some people rather have free periods where they can catch up on sleep or finish overdue homework. Others, like me, rather go home earlier and catch up on sleep or finish overdue homework. So it really depends.

Secondly, the only early day for me is the one that I have CCA on. Every Thursday I'm dismissed at 1230. Actually it's 1320 but I don't take H1 CL so it's one less period. My CCA starts at 1640. So from 1230 to 1640, I have to do things within that time, else it gets wasted.

Based on the past weeks' experience, it does get wasted. Not totally, but most of the time goes to sleeping and stoning. I am too exhausted to actually focus and complete tutorials. Otherwise, I end up talking to friends who accompany me in doing work. (Okay this one I'm to blame.)


I went back to CCHMS on Friday. It wasn't an official home-coming day, but VJ and MJ had given their students a full day off, so many went back. TJ gave half-day on Monday. On Friday my lessons ended at 1550, and cos it was a practical, I actually ended around 1600 cos I was washing up.

(Side note 1: There are so many things to do in bio practical. I really fear that I'm unable to complete them in time for the actual SPA which is this year.)

(Side note 2: It is actually nicer for people who have completed washing up to go around helping others, instead of wisecracking.  When people are hurrying and there you are saying supposedly funny statements, it's not appreciated.)

I reached CCHMS at 5. The first thing I did was to go visit Wushu. It's been a long time since I went back. 教練s were shocked to see me. As usual, CCHMS Wushu is good. I can tell the difference between their Wushu and TJ's Wushu.

However the team still doesn't have a sense of urgency. As usual people just take their own sweet time to do things. It actually isn't that serious now but all the little bits of time compounded will add up to a 'big waste'. Competition is coming up for them in April. All the best for them and I hope they can better the record set by us last year.


If anything, I may have to drop to H1 History. It's not that I don't like SEA history. However, because I didn't take it in secondary school, I am a little lost over what to do. At least for international history, I do have experience from O Levels. I am able to relate to concepts and phrases used.

In SEA history though I am clueless about things. I know it's roughly about colonialism leading to nationalism leading to independence, but there are many more details to remember.

So yes, if need be, I have to drop down to H1 history. Actually H1 history is a bit like O Levels SS, because there is the 'unrelated' part on Arab-Israeli conflict, just like the Iraq-Kuwait thingy.

KL seems fine with H2 history so far, he's obviously cleverer than me to be able to get it. Or maybe I just need to read more. Frankly speaking I haven't been reading much on H2 history since lessons began, only reading them for the first time when lectures start. For history it's a big no-no, so I plan to read them during the holidays.


Speaking of the holidays, what holidays? Well yes we get a week's break but in actual fact students from upper secondary and older will understand that there's no such thing as March or September holidays. They will be burnt on studying and studying.

On an unrelated note, I think my maths tutor is very unhappy with me. I have handed in homework late and I didn't even hand in my worksheet which I defaulted on twice. So yes, I have to finish EVERYTHING during this holidays. I shall start Term 2 on a good note.

Term 2 is when Twelfth Night will play. I got a role in this production, and I must say I'm quite happy that I got a role on my first try. Others who got it were either from IP or had prior drama experience in secondary school. There was only one other guy who is an international scholar but yes he was certainly much better than me.


So far I'm contented with many things. My class is fine and my CCA is good too. However this doesn't guarantee that things will remain as such. I'm still constantly worried that conflicts may appear in either class or CCA.

I mean, I definitely can hang out with others (such as those from my OG or from CCHMS) but after a while it'll be imposing on them. They too will have their new friends and/or cliques. If I still stick with them it'll show how socially inept I am.

My class has five guys vs 19 girls. This gender imbalance is common in BCM* classes. Apparently lesser guys take bio, I really don't know why. It's either they got forced by parents to take the standard PCME route, or they somehow still think that physics is the more useful science.


I've started cycling recently, having learnt it last December. ECP has too many inconsiderate people around, that sucks. Maybe next time I should go at obscure timings so that I can siam the crowd.



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