31 January 2013:

The start of an ending.

It's 31 Jan today. To others this is yet another date. It's a Thursday, a school-going Thursday. To people like me whom completed O Levels last year, today is special.

Today is the start of an ending. Today marks the last day of our 'school holiday'. It is the last day because we go to school tomorrow.

School. People were united previously under a secondary school. Tomorrow, it's a different school we're talking about. Junior College. JC. Some go to poly; they get another two months or so of holidays. Lucky bastards.

Junior College. I've visited my JC previously. Besides the Open House, I went there representing my secondary school. I don't really remember what it was for now, though. Does it matter? For the next two years I would spend my time there.

I believe it's fate. I believe that fate brought me to the JC. And with this fate, I shall embrace this chance and this opportunity to study there. It may not be the best institution in the country.

But I believe it is good enough. After visiting a few JCs during the Open House two weeks ago, there was a striking message.

'You, it's up to you.' So the kind of JC that people go to doesn't really matter. There are JCs with high cut-off points. Presumably those are lousy ones. But no. Amongst 'lousy' JCs there are achievers. And amongst 'good' JCs there are slackers.

The next two years would be a struggle. I think I don't need to deny it. I think I can foretell without experiencing it yet. Because so many sources have said, that JC life is no walk in the park. It's rigorous and demanding.

I don't think there's a point in choosing subjects based on their difficulty. Too many teachers and students I've met tell me the same thing. H2 subjects would be as difficult. So comparatively, H2 bio stretches me just like H2 history, only in different ways.

And with that, I've made my choice. I've made my choice of what subjects to take.

I look forward to tomorrow's orientation.



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