5 December 2012:


On Facebook I have seen many happy posts: 'leaving SG, don't miss me!' and etc. I'm leaving soon too, but I don't feel the least bit happy.

In fact I'm rather depressed. Not because I miss Singapore or anything, but because I am not ready and not confident of this trip. I am unsure whether there would be any conflict during the four days.

This time things are a little bit different and I am totally unprepared. The past two years I went on school trips where there were clear plans and proposals. This time I really don't know what to do. The joke of all? It's a family trip, where communication is supposed to be much easier and better amongst its members.

Quite the opposite, I would say. Anyway, I can't not go for the trip anymore. As mentioned previously, the only remaining option is to stay positive and hope for the best. May no emergencies pop up during this four days and let me enjoy it.

The official website for the tour is being a bloody prick. I have never been so upset at a website before. I'm impatient but this is really too much. Clicking on a link takes 2.5 minutes for the target page to load. I'm not expecting it in nano-seconds but 2.5 min is too much. Also because I'm searching for information, I click on many links, which means many 2.5 minutes wasted. If content-heavy pages like Facebook can load within 15 seconds or less, there is no reason for this website (which doesn't even use Flash, just pictures and text) to take 90% more time. Ugh.


I have never resorted to 含沙射影, but I don't give a damn this time:

I do not understand why you are so uptight about that comment I made about your post. I further do not understand why you need to be sad just because I do not compliment your blog. If you are so desperate for a similar recommendation well I could write one too.

Why I highly regard her blog is because it suits my blogging style so to me that is worth reading. As I mentioned in the endnote previously, 'If you like my blogging style I think you would like hers as well.' In no way would I mean that your style or your blog is inferior to her, or that I don't enjoy reading it.

Also, I don't know why you are so affected by the one and only comment I made. In fact, that comment was made with reference only to that one post. That was because it's the only post I was clueless after reading the whole thing. I had no intention of meaning that every post of yours is bad to read.

Your style and her style is different. Your posts mostly don't have a title, you include lots of pictures and sometimes comment on them pictures as part of your post. She has a title, includes only one or two pictures per post and doesn't use the picture for the content of her post. I just happen to fancy her style of words more than pictures. It doesn't mean I'm disapproving your style or that I'm not happy with your style.

Also, you mentioned it: I'm a grammar Nazi. So all the more, why are you so upset by my comments then? You really could have threw it away. After all I'm not some critic that the whole world relies on as a measure of goodness of blogs. According to you, your readers averaged 200 - 300 previously. Well apparently this would mean your other readers like your style a lot, so why fret so much about one grammar Nazi's opinion?

If you regard this as demoralising, wouldn't Xiaxue and other famous bloggers be drowning in sorrow now? They would surely have received hundreds of hate comments, most would be more hurtful and malicious than mine. Those commenters would have roped in figure, looks and even political affiliations, as in the case of Xiaxue; these aspects are totally irrelevant. What I did was only (sarcastically) comment that I could not understand one particular post.

Simply put: (1) Just because I say that I enjoy reading 'every one of' her posts, that doesn't mean I do not enjoy reading your posts. (She has less than ten posts anyway.) I just prefer her blogging style to yours. (2) You really shouldn't be that upset by what I say because ultimately you could treat it as bollocks if you feel it doesn't (or wouldn't) apply to you. No one's forcing you to agree with me or even change what you do to suit my style.


I do hope the e-mail doesn't arrive when I'm overseas. Otherwise they would probably think I'm not interested any more and let someone else do the recording. Good luck to LJ for his recording though. His standard had better maintain, then I can spot him on TV next year. I'm entering holiday mode, so there will be no more posts till a week or so later.



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