10 December 2012:

Give me all your love.

(The title sounds like some romantic girly thing eh.) Anyway, holiday mode's no more. It was a short affair, thankfully for it.

I would say I enjoyed myself, but as usual there were quarrels and arguments and all that. Quite expected though, nothing much out of the blue.

I actually don't have mood to talk about it, though. However I would like to mention the concert on Day 1. The theme was 'British Invasion'. I'm a major Anglophile so it was spectacular there.

I was unfamiliar with most of the songs cos they were decades old, but some were recognisable like Bond theme songs. Too bad they didn't do new ones like One Direction, that would have brought cheers from fangirls in the audience.

In fact through the concert I found out more singers that were British. Some I previously thought was American.


To YM: Well thanks for your advice. Actually I don't do this for fame, viewership or money, so I don't really care about what demographics thing. In fact my previous posts regarding politics or current affairs were carried by some websites and they brought much more traffic than posts about my life. So I don't really bother about those. (Okay I sound very haolian right, oops.)


By the way I realised that many classic TV programmes were actually originally British. Then scumbag US took over. Such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Whose Line is it Anyway. By anyhow, British comedy is truly the best.


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Hard to love. 認真你就輸了。